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Heritage City Tango Marathon

We are pleased to offer a new Tango Marathon in Nelson BC Canada, held May 31-June 2 of 2024. This 3 day event will be in one of Western Canada's prettiest and artsiest small towns. Registration is by individual or pair, no partner required. However, we will strive for role balance at this event, so we recommend signing up with a partner. The intent of this event is to create a fabulous series of Milongas, with generous food and drink offerings, and a warm atmosphere of mutual inclusion and respect.  We seek to honor the codigos and traditions of Argentine Tango and to create an atmosphere of camaraderie and togetherness. All Tango styles are welcome as long as good floorcraft and consideration for others is maintained. So looking forward to sharing our little town and big hearts with you!

We have a lot of great moments mapped out for you on this weekend, from a pre-event meet and greet in the park (weather permitting) to some fun ice-breaker activities during registration times before the opening Milonga on Friday.  

If you are new to Tango Marathons, the idea is simple: it's like a festival except that instead of focusing on classes, we focus on the Milongas and time on the floor spent dancing. 

Nelson BC boasts an impressive array of cafes and restaurants,  BC's best natural foods co-op, myriad funky and eclectic shops and boutiques, as well as endless hikes and biking trails.

For more about Nelson BC, click on this link to the City's website:

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